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Radar Online is an American entertainment and gossip website that was first published as a print and online publication in September 2003 before becoming exclusively online. As of 2008, the magazine has been owned by the publisher American Media Inc.

A flop from the start, the print magazine was suddenly shuttered in 2008, after its primary backer, billionaire Ron Burkle, who owned a substantial interest in Star and National Enquirer publisher American Media, withdrew. Radar Online was relaunched in March 2009 with a rebranding, focusing on celebrity items about gossip, fashion and pop culture. All of the articles previously published by Radar Online were erased from the site.

The online magazine is not much better than the defunct print magazine. It posts tired reviews and gossip culled from other blogs under the guise of authentic journalism. It's anything but that, Radar Sucks!


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Volunteer (Former Employee) says

"I found it unsuitable as retail was not for me as it was mostly retail work not warehouse and i was looking for warehouse work not retail so i found it unsuitable for myself"

vigilante patrimonial (Former Employee) says

"Em vês de resolver problema, demitem e contratam outro para rerpetir o mesmo ciclo"

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"The company limits us from seeking new opportunities by withholding our original certificate and thereby exploits young and promising kenyans. It also delay payments so as to keep one working for the company for long."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was so excited about getting the job but the dispatchers quickly ruined it. They made me so upset every time I had to speak with them. They were no help at all. I would say they are miserable human beings on a power trip Cons: Being rushed and stressed"

Persoonlijk begeleider (Former Employee) says

"Matig tot slecht salaris..hoge werkdruk en geen geweldige begeleiding. Toch goed af kunnen sluiten. Erg grote instelling dus weinig oog voor de werknemer als persoon. Cons: Hele hoge werkdruk voor weinig salaris en slechte begeleiding."

Security guard (Former Employee) says

"it was fun working there and interupting with other tribes and knowing their culture"

Stagista (Former Employee) says

"una giornata lavoro era noiosa perchè non potevo fare quasi mulla siccome ero stagista e non avevo esperienza nel settore industriale"

Sorvegliante non armato (Former Employee) says

"L'azienda organizza servizi di sorveglianza privata"

Community Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was in charge of 4-5 small accounts, in a "maintenance" plan. Clients didn't think in long terms, they just wanted day to day activity. Cons: Low payment"

Event Steward (Former Employee) says

"After a roaring success of an event I had serious difficulty in obtaining the money I was owed and do not think I would work for RADAR again simply because the hassle was not worth the money"

Employée de superette (Former Employee) says

"ouverture du magasin gérer ses rayons.accueille et service aux client .beaucoup d heure de travail pour u petit salaire Cons: peu de reconnaissance de ses superieure"

IT support techician (Current Employee) says

"as an IT graduate i was able to also learn more of the research work they doing and learn more of the office administrative work. the management find it easy to relate with the rest of the stuff members and my co- workers have been greet people to work with. the hardest job to do it was the monthly updates and backups of all computers and i enjoyed the part of of working with hardware and assisting all users. Cons: research field work"

Transportation (Former Employee) says

"interacting with clients, ,management was okay great work place culture there was ok, no hard part to this job and the most enjoyable part was knowing that you helped someone within your day. Cons: short breaks"

GK says

"Our company tested the Building Radar service for one month with agreement that we have the right to cancel the subscription any time during the trial. Trial period was not free of charge, but at a cost agreed which we were happy to pay at the end of trial period even provided we have not found theirs service useful. We did cancel the service at the end of trial period, however Building Radar refused to accept the cancellation. Without even talking to us or presenting any kind of invoices they hired debt collection agency that now are forcing us to pay for the whole year plus debt collection fees. They are forcing on us their service regardless of countless times we notified them to stop providing the service. Our e-mails, phone calls and postal letters are being ignored. Please avoid this company and don't sign up for anything with them."

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